This past year has changed the way many educators are teaching in the classroom. Along with the conventional teacher, Speech-Language Pathologists have also learned to adjust to teaching online. While the change can be frustrating at times, it is a method that is convenient for many – and online speech therapy is here to stay.

If you are pushing to make it through until this virtual learning period passes, it might be time for a change in mindset. The convenience that comes from setting your child up for speech therapy without getting a babysitter for other kids or sitting through traffic on the way to an appointment has value and might be the preference of some of your patients going forward.

4 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Success in Teaching Online Speech Therapy

  1. Secure a Solid Internet Connection: Most frustrations with online teaching have to do with technology. A reliable internet connection is essential so you aren’t distracted by technical issues during each session. Upgrade your internet connection, get a booster, and run internet speed tests. Practice the technical procedures to minimize mishaps during your live sessions.
  2. Offer Live and Asynchronous Learning Options: It is a good idea to offer a variety of access to your lessons. Some students may require flexibility in their schedule to log into your class on their own time. You can post personalized videos where you are reading and asking questions and request students to record their responses back. This dual approach supports students in moving at their own pace, while also having access to live support as needed.
  3. Touch Base with Your Student and Parents Regularly: Reach out to your students and ask how things are going for them. Do they feel they are getting as much out of their lessons as they would in person? What can you be doing to make the experience more beneficial to them? Feedback is essential for successful online speech therapy. Parents can share information about how the child is interacting at home, lending insights about how you can personalize the experience.
  4. Offer Informational and Resources for Practice: Now is the time that most people are gaining aptitude with technology and navigating online tasks. Take advantage of these online comforts and provide links to games, practice ideas, and worksheets that they can complete between therapy sessions. When a student is engaged in activities outside of the speech therapy sessions, it maximizes the progress that is possible.

Online speech therapy is an excellent resource for those choosing to stay home and navigate all aspects of their lives virtually. It is vital to continually improve your online speech therapy sessions and provide the best possible teachings to your students.

Be willing to learn from your students and change your methods to fit their needs best. You’ll find that each student is unique, which is why it’s helpful to have multiple tools and strategies to customize the plan as needed.

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