As a purpose-driven company working to help children with special needs, our goal is to enable you to make the most impact possible.

The therapists and educators who choose to partner with us have a special mix of talent, dedication, and passion that align with CBS Therapy’s core values. Once onboard, therapists find that our administration processes are simple so that they can focus on making meaningful change with their clients. We respect your time and your work, so we strive to provide you with quality resources, consistent support, and prompt response times.

We are invested in helping our therapists and educators develop their skills and expertise. We offer a variety of positions and help you find the right job that will meet your personal goals. Our therapists love working with the hands-on leadership of our supervisors and mentors. We understand our therapists’ needs because our Directors are both practicing Bilingual SLP’s. We are committed to providing accessibility to experienced, supportive, and passionate leaders.

Our regional focus, personal approach, and efficient systems allow us to foster a community culture where you will receive individual support and unique resources. From CFs to seasoned professionals, we offer individual mentorship and support, resources and materials, professional development, and a team of nurturing office staff.

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