Personal Attention and Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We treat our every one of our partners like the individuals they are, and we won’t rest until we find the right solution that fits the specific need.

We strive to make the staffing process easier, so that the end benefit can be transferred to the students. This ultimate purpose drives us to go above and beyond every day for our partners. We are dedicated to serving our communities’ families, and the therapists and administrators who support them.

Service Speed

Our size and commitment to service allow us to have a dynamic staffing model where we can staff therapists from a large range of disciplines at a moment’s notice. In many cases, we can immediately find you the right match. We respect your time and your work, so we do anything we can to provide you with solutions and follow-through on our service and quality promises.

We know our region and the industry like no one else, which is why the quality and speed of our services and the personal attention that we offer is unparalleled by the large staffing agencies.

Many of our partners refer to us as their “first-call agency” because we can deliver at the speed and high standards they need. It is our priority to connect our talented therapists with the children in your educational system/district.

Pre-vetted Quality Therapists

CBS Therapy vets every therapist we take on to our staff. You can rely on us to provide only resources that meet the rigorous standards established by our founders, who stake their reputation on the abilities of our team.

In addition to pre-vetting the therapists on our staff, we offer professional development opportunities to assure that our therapists are providing the very best research-based interventions.

Understanding Your Needs

We offer solutions that work for you because we understand your needs. Our customers call us first because they trust us to provide excellent solutions quickly.

Our partners appreciate our knowledge of their districts, their schools, and their personnel because it positions us to better respond to your needs with the right solutions.