We are looking for SLPs and CFs who have a special mix of talent, dedication, and passion

CBS Therapy is interviewing for monolingual and bilingual SLPs, SLPAs, and CFs. We offer unparalleled benefits for our therapists:


  • A variety of assignments that help you reach your personal potential and career goals
  • Hands-on and accommodating leadership that are SLPs too
  • A supportive community of therapists and staff
  • Unparalleled benefits and support that you can only get at a regional staffing company
To find out more call one of our Career Specialists or Click on the orange button and fill out a brief form

CBS Therapy was founded in 2006 by two bilingual SLPs and is now one of the largest providers of school-based and pediatric staffing services in the Northeast.. As a purpose-driven company working to help children with special needs, our goal is to enable you to make the most impact possible.