School Administrators

  • “They're extraordinarily responsive. If you have a need, they work very, very quickly to meet that need, which is very important in Special Education. They have an excellent track record in finding hard-to-find service providers. It's because of CBS Therapy's track record and responsiveness that I go to them first. Their customer service and knowledge of our district, our schools, and our personnel also drive us to choose CBS Therapy over other service providers. I find them to be extraordinarily professional and responsive, ensuring the highest quality of customer service. If there is ever an issue with a therapist, they resolve it quickly.”

    R.W., Special Education Director

  • “CBS Therapy is a smaller company, so they really know their employees, which allows them to make that right match and only provide me with quality. When I've worked with national staffing companies in the past, they are simply a calling center, but with CBS Therapy, I can talk to a CBS Therapy representative that really knows the person they are sending me and their skill set. Staffing placements are easy with CBS Therapy because of their responsiveness. They are my go-to agency and I really value their services.”

    E.C., Director of Pupil Personnel

  • “CBS Therapy is our first-call agency. They are great at filling positions with little notice, and they do well with the oversight of the position. We love the personal relationships the administrative staff develop with us. The therapists they send me are great, and CBS Therapy supplements any shortcomings by providing mentors. When I say I need something, I practically get it the next day.”

    B.W., Director of Student Services


  • “CBS Therapy gives you the flexibility and support that you need to successfully complete your CF. I was ecstatic to continue with the agency once I received my CCCs because of the variety of settings and clients that I am able to work with as their employee. The agency as a whole is "employee-friendly". They ensure that you have access to assessment tools, treatment materials and technology. Additionally, they show how much they appreciate their employees.”

    C.M., MA, CCC-SLP

  • "The leaders and office staff are very receptive and helpful; they call you back and respond to any questions. They are efficient with communication from the schools back to the CBS Therapy clinician“

    C.C., MA, CCC-SLP-Bilingual

  • “I have had a great experience working for CBS Therapy. I enjoy it thoroughly. Everyone is very friendly and Peter and Mike are accessible and happy to offer you suggestions.”

    J.T., MS, SLP-CCC

  • "It has really been a pleasant experience working with CBS Therapy. I chose CBS Therapy over other staffing companies because they had an actual person I could talk to instead of automated emails and answering machines. I'm in a district in Connecticut that likes having contract employees. I told CBS Therapy that I didn't want to move around, and I was glad that CBS Therapy worked with me to find a position where I didn't have to. The office staff really walked me through all of the paperwork and timing; they were very responsive and never let things fall through the cracks. I feel that they protect me as a clinician in the workplace. I feel very secure working with CBS Therapy."

    P.O., MS, CCC-SLP

  • "I have worked with other agencies, but CBS Therapy is especially accommodating and flexible. They listened to the hours and type of position I wanted and worked as much as they could to match my preferences with job opportunities. They have given me basically everything I asked for. It's very helpful that they are local, and Mike and Peter are great resources."

    J. B., MA, CCC-SLP

  • “I did my Clinical Fellowship Year with CBS Therapy, and Peter was so nice and always supported me. He was glad to help if I had questions. When I had a tough caseload, he worked with me and showed me resources like iPad apps and other exercises that helped a lot.”

    E.P., MS, CCC-SLP

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