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CBS Therapy is the premier provider of school-based and pediatric special education staffing services in the Northeast. We work with special education directors, program directors and special education program administrators to deliver highly qualified therapists and educators to address the diverse needs of the students they serve. Our therapy clinics provide pediatric speech-language, occupational and physical therapies.

Our organization is passionate about helping children with special needs and serving the schools, therapists, and families that support them. We achieve this by investing in the highest quality therapists and making the staffing process simpler for everyone involved. We are your hands-on, results-oriented partner who is committed to helping the children we work with realize their potential.

The CBS Therapy Difference

The CBS Therapy Difference

The strong relationships we develop with our customers are a direct result of the time we spend understanding their needs and building trust in the communities in which we work. As a specialized, regional company, no one else can offer the depth of services and level of personal attention that we can—attention that results in quick placements of highly-qualified therapists that fit your needs and district culture.

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Meet the Team

The CBS Therapy Team is passionate about facilitating amazing progress for the amazing kids it serves. We are dedicated to everyone with whom we work, and we are proud of our track record of prompt response times and helpful staff and leaders. Give us a call to get to know more about our organization and your dedicated support team.

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  • 2 June 2023

    What is a Clinical Fellowship, and How Can it Advance Your SLP Career?

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    What is Speech Therapy Staffing, and Why is it Important?

    When it comes to providing quality healthcare, having adequate staffing is crucial. A case in point is speech therapy, which requires specialized training and expertise.  Here, we’ll define speech therapy staffing, explain its importance, and examine its benefits. Qualifications Required for Speech Therapists Speech therapists sometimes referred to as speech-language pathologists (SLPs), are required to […]

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    Embedded Strategies for All Students: Ideas to Implement Now

    Universal strategies support learning for all students regardless of their disability status. However, systems embedded in the classroom are especially beneficial to students at risk of falling behind or receiving special education or related services. Providing best practices to all of your students is a win-win for general and special education staff and, of course, […]

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